S & S News Letter

S & S News Letter

10/24/21...Great rides last week including a noisy ‘sympathy’ run to visit Harley Guy and his newly ‘arranged’ lip! (his wife Judith is doing very well after she busted her knee last week…very impressive)!
Anyhow, weather seems to be about the same as last week, so I’ll be across from the McDonald’s (on Continental) at 0830 on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We’ll let those that show up determine our destination and duration.
ATTENTION: I should be ready to launch my Saints & Sinners website by this coming Wednesday. Our fun rides will continue, and I welcome participation from my ALR brothers and sisters. I’ll send you all the Link when it’s up.  We gotta start taking more pictures!  Call/Text if you need me at 520-240-5605…JLF

Hey Riders,
It’s a busy couple of weeks for me and I know for a couple of you all too. Plus, a couple of our Regular Riders are out for a few weeks on the IR. So I’m gonna ‘plan’ my normal Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday rides but I’m NOT gonna plan  destinations ahead of time.  
0830 across from the McDonald’s (on Continental). I’ll be starting there each day with the destination as time permits.
Wednesday is the TT Steal in Bisbee (Post 16) and I’m hoping that gets organized too… JLF
PS: the snowbird bikers are coming back in force. If you know some that LIKE to ride and KNOW how or are WILLING TO LEARN, let me know and I’ll reach out.

Be Prepared, it wasn’t raining when Noah was Building the Ark…JLF

1/1/2021 BNR:  We lost Several Riders to the temperature and Covid concerns in the last 24 hours (the Temperature thingy happens every’s cold out on January 1st kids!).  3 of the Bikers took Cages, so we had plenty of fallback options if necessary, for Safety and Gear concerns.

Soooo, SSH!   In 2021, 23 Bikes turned into 9 and we took off with 7 Bikes and 2 Trikes with a caravan of 3 cages behind us (14 people).  At our first stop, just as we pulled up and handed off the doughnuts...The station, #152 on Camino Del Sol, got a 911 call and we had to quickly scatter to get out of the runway 🤦‍♂️...They made it and so did we, No squished Bikers! (our prayers go out to those 1st Responders and their call)   The SPD, was in their “inner sanctum” but gave our presenters (Rich and Bill) a hardy thanks.  Hopefully, Bruce had his “Go Pro” on the right way and we’ll get some video and pictures later...I’ll send them around.  (The 2021 Go-Pro malfunctioned (maybe it was the Go Proee?) and we don't have a single photo from this years Run 🤦‍♂️)

btw: Jim A. had to pee from the time we left Safeway parking he gets the award for strongest bladder, speediest dismount, fastest striptease and was the first into my den for the bathroom!  Well played Jim (the Firehouses will let us use the toilet)!

My Karen had coffee, hot chocolate, lots of goodies, two anxious dogs, and a sunny patio at our house, as usual.

I appreciate all those that notified us in advance of their plans, to show in Cages or not at all.  Next Year, we’re gonna add some other stops...later all, and thanks for the help and organization, to B.C. Walka and LT Pratt....JLF