Join Us

The Rocker patch purchase is a requirement to join our group (see the "Rocker, Logo and Patches" post for purchase info, scroll down on the home page).  The Logo is not required.  However, the 'Helping Hands and Eagle' shows succinctly our fundamentals.  We hope you'll wear them proudly, especially on our Rides and Missions. There are as yet, no dues or any other fees required.  Contact Johnboy via:    or his Cell Phone (text or call): 520-240-5605

Our Newsletter will come out 'whenever we have news'.  Our Membership will recieve our News Letters via email from our address.

For those easily offended, I will recomend you go elsewhere.  This is not intended to be, nor will it ever become, a PC group.  Our group includes political persuasions of many "shades".  Included in the Saints & Sinners membership, are inferences of individual taste as shown most apparently by our Vest Patches and  tattoos (our recommendation to all: Wear it like your children and grandchildren will see it and ask you about it).  You may or may not agree on the appropriateness of individual insignias, and there are certainly 'occasions' and 'locations' when a Mission of ours might prescribe a bit of duct tape over 'something' WE OURSELVES deem awkward for the occasion.  But let it be known here:  We allow God as our witness and trust in Him.  We allow our Judicial system to function, and we allow our heroes and our foes, the rights of our Constitution.  However, every member has this in common: We strive to assist our serving Military, our Veterans, our Law Enforcement Officers and our First Responders and all thier families to the best of our abilities.