Brass Nuts Run 1/1/2022

Brass Nuts Run 1/1/2022
2022 Inside Station House # 82
Well, it looked Good…then Bad…then Good etc, etc. And it turned out to be JUST THAT … Good and Bad, Good and Bad 🤦‍♂️. When DH showed up at the Briefing, he made a funny little kitty noise as he got OUT OF HIS CAGE!
Bonnie on the other hand, didn’t want to MOVE from her trike…she had found the perfect temperature ‘position’!
It was actually a wonderful morning to say ‘Thanks’ to all the Brave Men and Women who take care of us in an Emergency, NO MATTER THE WEATHER!  We All, Salute you All 🇺🇸😎…JLF
btw: that guy in the ‘dry’ red hat is Fred Keller. 87 years old…and still trotting out the goodies (okay, he’s at something less than a ‘trot’ now). Bonnie and Bruce Distler (Both Cops in the past and Bonnie a long time 911 Dispatcher) Bill ‘Bulldog’ Bracco, Intelligence Officer and some say good looking , but not many, Rich Booth, our Medic, Sweep and Ride Captain (at 80 folks 🤦‍♂️)…and then there’s our big ‘KITTY’ Paul ’DH’ Michaels who got to smoke a couple cigarettes on the trip in his comfy Cage. Then there’s me, John ‘John boy’ Flammang saying thanks to everyone…JLF