2023 Brass Nuts Run

2023 Brass Nuts Run
Our Warmest BNR in 9 Years. Those smiles are to big to cover under neck gators and scarves!

Hey to all ya's that missed this years Run:  We had wonderful weather temps for 1/1/2023. 55-60 degrees when we woke, but the prediction was for lots of Rain later that morning, lasting all day.  Our crew, and the Fire Stations agreed, so we jumped the "Kick's Up" time ahead by 15 minutes to get the 'Least Wet'.  

With a great heaping supply of God's Blessings, an Emergency Call for the Fire Crews at Station #'s 152 & 153 (our first two visits) the doughnut Delivery and 'visits' were QUICK.  That extra time had us sipping hot conncoctions at the "Thaw" after party before the Rain hit the ground.  We did miss a few of our BNR Riders at the Thaw though, they 'beat feet' home to STAY dry.  

The Photos Below will tell you some more of the story.  

A Very Special Thanks to ALL in Attendance, All the Fire Crews and their Chiefs, Safeway for donating the doughnuts, Karen for setting up the "Thaw", Bulldog for leading the crew, Mike for snapping the memories, Keller's Cage for 'being there', Harley Guy and Judy for keeping the Crews informed as we traveled AND special mentions to Stu and JoLynn for the 9/11 Memorial Ambulance in our Formation (lights ablaze!)...AWESOME!...JLF